Mapping ‘My California’ – Reflective Essay In the introduction to our course the

Mapping ‘My California’ – Reflective Essay
In the introduction to our course themes, I described California History “as a history of ‘Place-making,’ that is, the creation of a deep, multi-layered and meaningful world through actions, ideas and experiences in relation to the environment over the last five centuries and more.”
In your first assignment, you created a personal Map of “My California” including “important,” “historic,” and “personally meaningful” places.
Our course materials have explored many ways that Californians have created the place that we know today as “California” as well as many more specific places within the Golden State. We have explored the “making of place” as a historical process.
In this assignment, you will write a short essay (750-800 words) reflecting on how your understanding of this place (California) and its history have developed through your engagement with the course.
The assignment is worth 20 points.
Follow these instructions:
Select one “Meaningful” place from the “Mapping My California Exercise” that you completed in Module 1. Write an essay that addresses the following questions:
What does this place mean to you? Why did you select it? What specific layers of meaning (historical, social, political, cultural, emotional, etc) does it evoke for you?
How has your understanding of this place changed or developed through what you have learned in this course? How has the history of California shaped this place and its meanings?
Connect your meaningful place to one (or two) of the five course themes: Which specific course theme(s) does your place best represent? What does your place reflect or reveal about this/these theme(s)? What role do places like yours play in shaping this theme in California history?
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