MAT-144 Major Assignment 3 Instructions Please follow these instructions when co

MAT-144 Major Assignment 3 Instructions
Please follow these instructions when completing Major
Assignment 3. You will be completing a Microsoft Word template and
an Excel template for the assignment. Refer to the assignment rubric for
details about how the assignment will be scored.
You have decided that 5 years from now, you will spend 12
weeks implementing a project to provide humanitarian assistance to people in
your local community. At that time, you will take a break from work or
retirement and spend at least 30 hours per week for 12 weeks engaged in this
project. You will be in charge of your own project working directly with people
in need, not simply volunteering with an existing organization. In the 5 years
between now and the start of the project, you will devise a plan and prepare
Project details in Word
For your project, you will identify a group of local people to
assist with a need from the provided list. You will develop a project that has
the potential to improve their lives in both the short and long run. Choose
project from the list below to use for Major Assignment 3. The list is
organized under different topics to help you find a project that interests you.
– An afterschool tutoring program
– School supply distribution
– Day camp for kids
– Vocational training
Health Care
– Pop-up clinic for vaccines, general
health care, etc.
– Health care awareness program – mental
health, nutrition, maternity care, etc.
– Mental health support groups
– Help lines/call centers
Improvement – Home rehabilitation
– Community safety program
Other Service Projects
– Food distribution
– Clothing distribution
– Companion program for senior citizens
– Homeless assistance
***there’s an excel that goes with it.
*** please use the city that I’ve highlighted

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