Must include MLA Works Cited page (with annotations removed) Thesis must make an

Must include MLA Works Cited page (with annotations removed)
Thesis must make an argument about a problem or issue in K-12 or college education and its effect on society, and propose a solution, then your paper presents the problem’s facts and makes an argument about why your proposed solution is a reasonable solution…. but the paper must be FOCUSED and not try to “solve the problems of the world in seven pages…”, So do NOT write about the entire “U.S. education system” because for one thing there are more than one systems and for another thing you are not writing seven books: you are writing a short research essay, so you must find a way to keep it TIGHT and SMALL so you can really dig into the details of the one small problem within the larger context of education. Remember the Place essay… same idea. So, do not write about the entire K-12 “system” because K is a lot different than 12, and Los Angeles is a lot different than Iowa City. How about one problem in one particular school district? Or one controversy about one particular book or one particular method of teaching History, or teaching English, or the Math curriculum, or tutors in Antelope Valley high schools, or science scholarships for girls…. something like that, something you can handle IN DETAIL in a short essay like this one… Avoid using “I” unless absolutely necessary; also eliminate “you” statements
Write an argumentative research paper about a problem in education. Select a focused issue related to K-12 or college education in America and take a position on it, propose a solution, and argue towards your position-solution. Your thesis should clearly state what the government, and be sure to specify exactly which part of “government” or another authority should do differently to solve the problem. Then, your paper goes into details about the focused problem, and argues why your solution is a reasonable one. Be sure to follow the normal Intro-Body-Conclusion structure, and be CERTAIN that you have your MLA Format totally correct… so, do not wait on this essay; get started IMMEDIATELY. Potential general topics, and then you’d narrow down your focus within the general topic, might include
treatment of special education students
racism in schools
standardized testing and its strangehold on freedom/creativity
achievement gaps based on race or poverty
education funding
corporations in education (like Pearson)
teacher pay and/or teacher bonuses
arts in education
sports in schools
treatment of marginalized students (such as LGBTQ students, Muslim students, English Language Learners, etc.)
religion in schools
sex education
This is not a comprehensive list, you could come up with something else, but hopefully these will give you some ideas of potential starting ideas from which you narrow down your focus to your tight topic.
The essay should have 1-inch margins with 12-point Times New Roman font.
References to or examples from no less than four sources, such as books, online articles, database articles, etc. These sources can be paraphrased in your own words, or they can presented as brief, correctly integrated direct quotations. Please use the quotation sandwich! You will need proper MLA in-text citations for all paraphrases and direct quotations. Remember to be persuasive. It’s okay to be controversial as long as you support your ideas with evidence and logic. Take a clear stand. Don’t ride the fence on your issue. Don’t let your emotions take over. Be logical and use evidence.
You will need a Works Cited page that includes the articles you chose and proper MLA formatting. (This page does NOT count towards your page minimum.)
When structuring your essay, include an introduction that sets up your argument about the article, effectively organized paragraphs with strong topic sentences and transitions, and a conclusion that does not merely restate your thesis but that leaves the reader with further “food for thought.”
PLEASE NOTE: If your paper does not meet the page minimum, you will receive an automatic D or below and your paper will not receive teacher comments.

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