ndividual Assignment 4: Civic Service Reflection due on BB on Sunday June 19, 20

ndividual Assignment 4: Civic Service Reflection due on BB on Sunday June 19, 2022
Civics Service/Engagement Reflection Rubric 15 Pts
Completing a 15 Hour Civic Service/Engagement is an integral part of this course. Civic Service/Engagement teaches us about civic responsibility and volunteering for a cause and being responsive citizens.
Given that the pandemic is still not entirely over, students are advised to be safe; masking and social distancing to be kept in mind. INSTEAD of doing the Civic Service at an organization in person, try to find organizations that requires your service on the phone or online.
A List of some volunteer opportunities in the DMV area is attached. This is NOT a comprehensive list.
ALSO, students can find creative ways to do their civic service. Such as, tutoring others on Zoom or another computer program, or their own kids at home, or creating a video of exercising, dancing or another activity which you believe could help someone. The important thing to remember is that the purpose of the service you decide to fulfill has at its core, the notion of “helping someone”. The assignment requires you to write in 300 words a reflection on your Civic Service of 15 hours. The reflection could include points such as:
1) What was your Civic Service?
2) Why did you choose to do that particular service? 3) Sharing how you completed the chosen service.
4) What did that service teach you about volunteering and helping others? What were your learning takeaways? 5) How did your service help/benefit someone/others?
6) MUST include a chart or listing in some clear manner of the days/times you did the service to arrive at a total of 15 hours during the semester.
PLEASE take a look at the samples attached.
The reflection needs to have, the plan, goals, and your commitment through fulfillment of organizational expectations and yours, and the final outcomes of your service in connecting it with your course/goals in life/academia.
Please provide the hours and days totaling 15 hours in a format as suggested below or something similar.
Grading structure:
Plan: Civic Service plan is clear, concrete and achievable in 15 hours and you are able to describe the components in your reflection 7pts
Goals Civic Service connects to student’s goals in life or academia and shows engagement with course themes and you are able to describe these in your reflection. 4pts
Commitment Explain how the organization or your service lived up to your goals. And did you meet your own and their expectations particularly given the ongoing pandemic. 4 pts
Total 15 pts
The general writing rubric is attached along with some samples of the reflection.
The general writing rubric is attached.

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