need to reply to both disccusion posts, minimum word count for each reply is 100

need to reply to both disccusion posts, minimum word count for each reply is 100 words.
first discussion:
There are many different privacy and protection acts included in Chapter
3 of the text. I feel, as a Christian parent, that the policies that
meant the most were the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) that
was put into law in 2000., and the Family Educational Right and Privacy
act put into law in 1974 (Johnson & Easttom, 20202). As a parent, I
feel the most important thing when choosing to send your children to
public school is the question of their safety. Under FERPA, the privacy
of the student’s records and makes those records accessible to the
student at any time. (Johnson & Easttom, 2020) This is extremely
important to a student attending college to know that all the tax
information and personal information that is needed to complete loan
applications is safe and under no circumstances can this information be
shared without consent. The policy that spoke the most to me what the
Children’s Internet Protection Act. CIPA was placed into law to strictly
provide protection in an educational setting to any website containing
inappropriate websites from being accessed, such as pornographic
websites, and websites that have explicit sexual material (Johnson &
Easttom, 2020). The role of a Christian parent is to teach your child
the word of the Lord and to live a life that is expected of them through
Christ. These acts make parents feel safe that they will not be exposed
to material that is inappropriate and evil.
second discussion:
The only way I can see how Christian parents can relate to the same acts
is by doing everything by the book and nothing different. Also as a
Christian parent, they like to keep up with a lot of their child’s
information like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act which keeps up with the
company’s business and financing information. The Sarbanes-Oxley is
really made strictly for very important businesses and can’t really be
related to how Christian parents are besides the few details I stated in
the previous sentence above. The act is pretty much self-explanatory,
but there are other acts that will relate almost 100 percent to
Christian parents. The act states that ” The law was enacted in
reaction to a series of accusations of corporate fraud. Some companies
were accused of “cooking the accounting books” or making illegal loans
to their top executives.” The Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act is also a great Act that can be in relation to how Christian
parents are compared to what the Act does. This particular Act protects
personal and school information from being shared or shown to anyone
other than the legal owner of the records. This was put into law in 1974
and has been successfully implemented in all colleges and major
universities. It states that “Any educational institution must
protect the privacy of its student records and must provide students
access to their own records. This gives students a way to correct errors
and control the disclosure of their records. The Family Policy
Compliance Office of the U.S. Department of Education enforces the act.
The law broadly defines education records as any information related to
the educational process that can uniquely identify the student.

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