Note for all assignments: All sources and citations in all assignments/essays sh

Note for all assignments:
All sources and citations in all assignments/essays
should be cited in appropriate MLA format.
Rules for MLA formatting can be learned from the MLA formatting video
that is part of this course and/or can be found at several online resources,
Assignment #5
Research Paper
Choose a topic that needs to be researched in depth to explore and
explain the issues within.
The topic of your paper must be an issue that is the subject of debate.
Suggested topics include:
Global Warming
U.S. Immigration
World malnutrition
Gun Control
Medical privacy
Development of products that use less energy and create less waste
Role of Media in our lives
Middle Eastern Conflict
School Issues (Tuition, government funding, etc.)
Please develop a thesis regarding any of these issues (or an issue that
you have chosen). Your paper should be about demonstrating your thesis in an
organized and persuasive manner, using outside sources and your own reasoning.
For example, if your topic is global warming,
examples of theses might be:
– Global
warming is a serious threat to our environment and governments must take
immediate and severe measures to decrease its rate
– Global
warming has not been proven to have been caused by anthropogenic activities and
so government should not risk hurting their economies to solve a problem that
we do not know exists
In other words, it does not matter which side of a debate you take. You
may take any side you like. But whichever side you take, your paper should be
focused on persuading the reader that you are correct.
While including some background information is important and necessary,
is not necessary to educate the reader from scratch. You may assume that your
reader has a basic understanding of the underlying issue and may plan and base
your persuasive writing on this assumption.
Important: This is a research
paper. You must cite at least three outside sources and should not make any
assertion of fact in your essay unless it is supported by at least one outside
reliable source. Citations should be made in correct MLA format.
Minimum length: 1,000 words

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