nstructions (read carefully–you lose points for not following instructions!) Ea

nstructions (read carefully–you lose points for not following instructions!)
Each of the Units has a reading assignment that is to be delivered to the instructor in forms permitted by the instructor. You are to read the assigned readings (available by link) and answer the questions posted on this Reading Assignment Sheet that go with the reading(s).
What word processor can I use?
I prefer that you use Microsoft Word but it’s not required. You are NOT to attach or link your essay. You will copy and paste it from your original word processing program as text into the space provided when you turn in your assignment.
Is there a format that I must use for my reading assignment response? You will lose 10 points for not following instructions!
Yes, and please follow these instructions carefully or you will lose points.
• Copy the entire assignment, both title of the readings & links and the
questions that are assigned to the reading. (Or you will lose points!)
• Paste the assignment at the top of the page on which you are going to respond.
• Skip two lines and begin your essay.
Does the response have to be a certain length?
The response should be in essay form with AT LEAST 3-4 paragraphs. It will be graded based on how well you follow directions, evidence that you have taken time to fully understand the reading or readings and have responded appropriately. The essay MUST be a minimum of 300 words.
Your Reading Assignment Selections/Links:
The Origins of the Pacific War
(Links to an external site.)
The Origins of the European War
(Links to an external site.)
After reading BOTH of these readings, please answer these questions in ESSAY form as described above.
Historians usually say that World War II actually began in 1931 with Japan’s invasion and takeover of what province in what Asian nation? Who was the leader of the Nationalist Chinese faction (he was actually the leader of the Chinese government)? Who was the leader of the Communist Chinese faction? Who was the woman who tried to get the United States to help the Chinese fight of the Japanese? How did Japan react when the League of Nations condemned their actions against China? When did Japan actually try to launch an invasion of China to take it over? How did Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek try to stop the Japanese advance? Chiang’s actions helped the cause of which other Chinese faction? How were Chiang’s scorched earth policy and Stalin’s actions against the Germans when they invaded Russia somewhat similar?
What allowed Hitler to come to power in Germany? According to this reading, how did he violate the Treaty of Versailles in regard to the German military and regions that Germany had lost in World War I? What was Hitler’s goal for people of German heritage? What were his plans for people who were not German? What were the first two nations that Hitler annexed (note: Sudetenland is NOT a nation. I’m looking for the nation that it is a part of that Germany annexed after the Munich conference)? Although the reading doesn’t specifically state this, Germany and Russia signed a non-aggression pact, promising not to fight each other. What happened to this agreement?
It is said that the European part of WWII began when Hitler invaded what nation? After attacking the Netherlands and Belgium, what major European nation did Hitler take over? What was the Battle of Britain? In the end, what nation broke Hitler’s army (according to the reading)?
With all of the aggressive actions of Japan and Germany, why do you think the United States didn’t jump into the war? What finally made the U.S. enter World War II? (you can rely on either the reading or the text for these two questions)
Revision January, 2022
attached is the complete intructions page and the rubric!

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