(on the files attached are the sources i found for the resaerch paper and the ou

(on the files attached are the sources i found for the resaerch paper and the outline)
The paper should have the following sections:
1. Title Page
2. Introduction
3. Sections Divided by the Main Points you want to make
4. Conclusion
5. References
Title Page: should include your name, the date, the course number and course name, and an interesting, eye-catching title (be creative here if you like)
An introduction should do the following:
First Paragraph:
Put the topic or research question in context – why is it important? How does it affect our society in a practical way, or why is the topic or question an important issue, theoretically (in terms of our understanding the topic)?
Second + paragraphs
Define each of the important concepts in your research question
Last paragraph in the Introduction
State the research question explicitly and include a hypothesis
Main Point Sections
This is where you will summarize research as it addresses your main points in response to the research question. 2-3 sections are appropriate for a paper of this size.
A conclusion should do the following:
First Paragraph:
Restate the research question and hypothesis, and summarize the main results
Second paragraph
Identify any weaknesses or limitations in the current state of the field
Third paragraph
Identify areas for further research
Use APA or MLA format for listing your sources (and use MLA or APA format for citing sources in the text of the paper)
The paper should have at least 7 sources, and no more than 12.
Word limit – 1750 to 3500 words Use Word Count to make sure -5 points if below 1750
-5 points if above 3500

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