Oral report – I would just need some text because is presentation of 10 min on p

Oral report – I would just need some text because is presentation of 10 min on power point
Oral Report
Due Date: Week 6 (Dropbox access)
Type: Oral Presentation
Value: 10%
Oral reporting is a common practice in technical fields, and may be either formal or informal. It is also likely the most common form of technical communication you’ll encounter on a day-to-day basis in your workplace. However, a technical assessment is often presented more formally. In the case of this assignment, you will be preparing a 10-15 minute oral technical assessment of a piece of technology in your workplace.
A technical assessment is typically a discussion of a piece of technology based on your experience, technical knowledge, and professional qualifications, and is often prepared in response to a procurement or supply request, or when a company is evaluating some type of technology for purchase. It will usually require you to provide some information on the following:
The specifications, application, and nature of the technology.
Some background on the company and the product.
An evaluation of its capabilities both in isolation and in comparison to any current technology or technology requirements.
A discussion of its potential use in the workplace.
An overall assessment of whether the technology should or should not be purchased.
An assessment may also contain information on the equipment’s current use in the industry, including whether it has been proven to be successful in other companies or in other applications.
For this assignment, the following guidelines apply:
The recorded presentation should include a slideshow completed using PowerPoint or a similar presentation software (i.e. Prezi, Slides, etc.). However, bear in mind that the screencasting software may have some issues or conflicts with certain applications. I don’t know of any offhand, but I don’t know all of the presentation software packages that are available.
The presentation should be submitted, ideally, in .mp4 format, as I am limited in the software I can use to review it.
Please try to create a recording containing both a screen-captured presentation and a recorded video capture of you as the presenter. Screencast-O-Matic allows for this, but not all presentation-capturing software does.
The upper limit for recording length using Screencast-O-Matic (free version) is 15 minutes. Your presentation should be completed within this time.
Presenting Your Technical Assessment
You will be preparing a presentation of no more than 10 – 12 minutes in length and delivering it using screencasting and online presenting tools. Screencast-o-matic, the software I suggest for use, has a free version with an upper limit for the length of a recording of 15 minutes (as noted above), so keep that in mind when preparing your presentation and selecting your topic.You will also need to prepare a selection of slides using Microsoft PowerPoint or the web-based presentation software Prezi. A suggested outline of slides will be provided in Module 4, along with some tips on effective presentation design and presenting online. Finally, you will need access to a computer or a device with a webcam and sound pickup in order to complete this assignment, and will need to contact me if you cannot meet these requirements.

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