OUTLINE FOR COMMUNITY INTERVENTION PAPER This assignment involves writing a 6-8

This assignment involves writing a 6-8 page paper
that proposes a community intervention to a significant LOCAL community
problem. This paper should reflect the
content from all applicable assigned readings. The paper must be correctly
referenced using American Psychological Association (APA) 6th
edition guidelines. Special attention
should be given to the correct style of
referencing. Papers need to be original, typed, with fresh writing, clear
thinking, and lucid analyses. Please note that this is a graduate level
course and the expectations are considerably higher than those at an undergraduate
level. This research paper is intended
to demonstrate your ability to apply a
macro-level model of intervention to a real-life problem situation. The paper should be written in a formal,
scholarly format.
In addition to reflected problem analysis,
planned intervention and proposed change efforts, consider issues related to economics,
social policies, political influences, and involvement of various levels of
systems (individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities). Papers will be graded on quality of analysis,
creativity, incorporation of theories and knowledge, and quality of writing. Your selected problem should target one specific community or regional area and the content related
to community assessment and resources should be specific to that community.
– you will be expected to present your identified problem, assessment data, and
proposed solution to a body of LOCAL POLICY DECISION-MAKERS (such as city
council, county commissioners, local school board, Council of Governments,
public hearing on a particular issue, etc.). All communities have decision-making bodies that are open to public
comment and input. However, you will
need to find out the parameters of such input AHEAD OF TIME. Sometimes there is a time limit and advance
request for permission to speak. Failure
to present before an appropriate group will result in point deductions.
Use the supplemental
information provided in the Models of Community Intervention handout (see Doc
Sharing ) and the following outline to organize your paper. Be sure and go back to readings in your text
for your proposed intervention.
Just like working with an
individual or family, you will first identify the problem. Next you will identify what goals you’d like
to achieve to address the problem. Then
you identify various players that are involved and what change strategies you
will employ (change tactics). Use Figure
18.1 (Community Intervention Models) on p. 283 of the handout as an overall
You will pick a COMMUNITY
PROBLEM that involves EITHER local
level organizations, social issue organizations, or social
planning/coordination organizations (one of the 3 columns on p. 283 of
handout). Address each area of the
outline below as it relates to your selected approach or model ie., local,
social issue, or service planning/coordination)
Your paper will start with a PROBLEM (read p. 287 of handout) not a PROGRAM. Use information you
learned about problems (ch. 3 from your text) and intervention (Ch. 5, 12 &
13) to help you.
Your identified community
problem can be related to your PETITION for CHANGE or NOT. It doesn’t have to
be but it can.
Use the following outline for
writing your paper. USE the
subheadings as identified in the outline below but write the paper as a
flowing narrative (do not start new pages for each section)
I. Introduction (paragraph where you state the purpose of the
paper and general background related to
the problem or issue)
II. Description of the Problem (include statistics,
demographics, and/or information related to social
policies, political influence, economics, or involvement
of various levels of systems) III. Target of change – what needs to be different and why
IV. Scope of concern – define parameters of problem and proposed
V. Desired or Expected outcomes
VI. Conclusion – general summary and conclusion
VII. Description of Presentation – where, when, what was the
You need to attach some documentation of your
presentation AND provide contact information (name, phone #, email address) for
random follow-up by the instructor.

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