Overview Have you ever wanted to make a difference in someone’s life? Believe it

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in someone’s life? Believe it or not, you can encourage and motivate your friends with a simple form of persuasion. Monroe’s Motivated Sequence can encourage listeners to act in a number of ways. It is based on the assumption that we all have needs and are willing to satisfy those needs with actions. This sequence can motivate people to save pets from animal shelters, volunteer at soup kitchens, and sign up as organ donors. Then again, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence also encourages us as consumers, and we often see these tactics in commercials and infomercials on our T.V.s. Your mission is to invent your own unique/practical product and use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to market your product in a 3-5 minute infomercial. What is a large societal issue that impacts us all today? Issues of: Sexism? Racism? Ableism? Pollution? Corrupt Politicians? the list can go on…If you had the means and the power to create something (completely hypothetical) what would it be? Use your creativity and persuasion to record an infomercial nobody can resist!

Create a product that potentially solves a societal problem and persuade your audience to buy the product through an “infomercial”
Follow Monroe’s motivated sequence in the correct order
Follow’s required outline template: Monroe’s Infomercial Outline Template.docx
The infomercial effectively draws the audience’s attention to a relevant and widespread need (what is the larger societal problem you want to solve for?).
A strong introduction that leads us to the item (ex: Billy Mays here with Oxiclean)
The infomercial promotes a new product invented by the speaker
The infomercial clearly explains what the new product is, what it does and how it can satisfy the need.
A slogan for your product (ex: “The Quicker Picker Upper” Bounty)
The infomercial describes life with the new product and allows the audience to visualize this positive transformation.
A claim about your product (ex: “The strongest adhesive on the market”)
Three pieces of evidence to “prove” its effectiveness (ex: a demo of a command strip holding a heavy item, a video of scrubbing bubbles getting soap scum off of the shower)
The infomercial effectively calls the audience to action, clearly explaining where, when and how to act.
Reasoning at the end as to why the customer should buy it (ex: if you’re looking for a durable paper towel to do a quick job in your kitchen, choose Bounty: the quicker picker upper.)
The speaker speaks clearly, expressively, enthusiastically, and loudly enough to hear and understand.
The speaker uses a visual aid to show or illustrate the product. (This could be making or re-purposing a physical object OR drawing the product to help us visualize what you are persuading us to buy/use)
The speaker is required to cite 3 sources verbally.
This is the research requirement for this speech
The infomercial needs to be 3-5 minutes in length.

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