Overview The Covid-19 pandemic put a spotlight on a problem that had already pla

The Covid-19 pandemic put a spotlight on a problem that had already plagued organizations. A lack of work-life balance, isolation, and increased workloads have led to record levels of employee burnout. Companies without systems to support the well-being of their employees have higher turnover, lower productivity, and higher healthcare costs.” In this assignment, you’ll investigate the causes and effects of employee burnout and recommend strategies for preventing it.
Imagine that you are the director of HR for a company. Write a paper for leadership to explain the cost of employee burnout and to recommend proactive steps to prevent it. Set your paper in an the industry you are familiar with. Feel free to make up details as needed.
Complete all assigned readings for this module before you begin. Conduct additional research about the role that HR plays in reducing employee burnout as needed.
Write a paper to propose ways to prevent burnout. Include the following:
· Summarize the extent and nature of the problem clearly and specifically.
· Explain why it’s important for your organization to manage burnout, including the short-term and long-term costs.
· Propose a strategy to proactively address the problem. Describe specific actions that you recommend. Make sure that they are a good fit for your company’s culture and business demands. Include how you plan to measure the level of burnout being experienced by your employees before and after the implementation of the strategy.
Please include an introduction and conclusion

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