. Part 1: Write at least 200 words answering the following questions: What is

Part 1:
Write at least 200 words answering the following questions:
What is the purpose of a WAN
What is the make up a WAN connection.
What types of devices used to establish and maintain a WAN connection.
Be in APA format including your references.
At least 200 words long (not including title, references).
Do not re-state the questions.
Include two sources (i.e. two references).
Part 2:
The time has come to construct a database based on the schema you have designed. In this phase you will use SQL DDL statements (CREATE TABLE) to construct the database schema.
Review the instructor’s suggested changes to the relational schema for your project. Make the appropriate changes.
ERDPlus will export your relational schema as SQL. It will generate the CREATE TABLE statements for you, complete with primary keys and foreign keys. However, there are some details you have to attend to for this to work:
You cannot use any SQL keywords as table or attribute names (for example “table” and “set”).
You cannot use any spaces in table or attribute names. Spaces will generate syntax errors when you try to execute the SQL. You can use underscores (_) or just squish the words together.
Every attribute (column) must have the correct type. The most common types are VARCHAR, INT, FLOAT, and DATE.
Once you have SQL statements for your schema, run them in PhpMiniAdmin in the database that has your netID to create the tables.
If you get syntax errors, first make sure you have attended to all the details listed above.
If MySQL tells you “errno: 150”, please take a look at this: Project Phase 3 Error Number 150.pdf.
It is possible there will still be syntax issues, because ERDPlus does not do any kind of verification on the SQL it generates. If you still get syntax errors and can’t figure them out, please seek help from the instructor.
Once you know it works, put the SQL code into a text file and upload it to Canvas. It is due by the due date on Canvas.

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