PLA 4522 Health Care Law FINAL INDIVIDUAL PROJECT ASSIGNMENT SUMMER 2022 Final Individual Project The purpose of the project is to provide you with the opportunity to explore an issue pertaining to health care policy or law through the use of academic research. Each student has been randomly assigned a specific topic. Each person is required to review the literature on the assigned topic (using at least six (6) different academic peer-reviewed/scholarly journal articles) and write a 5-page paper that thoroughly examines that particular issue related to health care law. You are required to have at least six (6) different academic peer-reviewed/scholarly original research articles as primary sources for this assignment. You are free to incorporate other sources as well, but you must have a minimum of six (6) academic peer-reviewed research articles referenced and cited in your final paper. Final Project Paper The final paper should have the following six (6) parts:
•Title Page – The Title Page should include the following:
Paper Title
Author Name
Course Name and Semester
Instructor Name
Due Date
•Introduction – The Introduction explains the purpose of the project and the reason why we should study this topic. Here, you should discuss the importance of this topic and the academic and practical rationale for examining the issue (Generally, why should wecare about this?). This section lays the foundation for the rest of your paper and,therefore, should be carefully and thoughtfully organized with detailed, accurate information.
•Overview – The Overview section provides detailed information on the pertinent causes, prevalence, scope, and consequences of the issue, as necessary. Basically,provide your reader with a thorough, sound background on your topic. Here, you should aim to answer questions that are similar but not limited to the following:
How many people are affected by this issue worldwide and/or nationwide?
What factors contribute to this problem?
What short-term and long-term effects does this issue have on peopleimpacted by it?

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