Please answer the following on imperialism during this era. Note that this infor

Please answer the following on imperialism during this era. Note that this information can be found in Chapter 22 of your textbook. Requirements: a. 500 words (not counting the source list). b. Include a reference list.
The Partition of Africa and the “Rhodes Colossus”: – Review the information in the text titled, “The Scramble for Africa and the Congo”. This includes the maps and images found in this section.
Provide some reflections on this including which countries played a major role and how they represented Europe during this era. b. What is meant by “the Rhodes Colossus”? c. What were some of the goals of Rhodes and Britain? Reflect on the term “Blood Diamond”. d. Provide some reflection on “The White Man’s Burden”.Here is a link to the primary source, “The White Man’s Burden”.
What does this say about racism during this era? How would the European powers justify colonization with the “White Man’s Burden”? How did they use “scientific thought” to support this? e. After reading through the materials, which country stands out to you the most when reading about imperialism in Africa?
1. This assignment can be completed as an essay with an intro, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. This should include a reference list and citations.
OR You can list each question and answer. If you list each question, each answer needs the source listed that you used.
2. Sources: Please use ONLY the sources in the Learning Resources. Include at least three sources not counting the textbook. Sources should be from the sources found in the Learning Resources link found in the module. You can use the sources in the Learning Activity or search the library. Sources should not include Crash Course video films. You may include a different academic journal by searching through the Valencia Library database. The Valencia librarians are always happy to help.
3. DO NOT use, Wikipedia, Brittanica, or any commercial websites. Websites from libraries, museums, and historical societies can be considered but not if it is a blog.
use “Scramble for Africa. Fordham University includes primary sources.
(Links to an external site.)
These are documents that were created during the time of the event. Read through the textbook to learn more to help you find a useful source. Be sure to format these as web pages. Use at least ONE of these.
b. Cecil Rhodes – “Rhodes Colossus”
(Links to an external site.)
This article from South African online has sources and can be used. If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you can also use the sources listed there.
c. “Industrial Imperialism – the “New” Imperialism”
(Links to an external site.)
-and “Tools of Imperialism”
(Links to an external site.)
by Trevor Getz – Read through this article by Professor Getz. This article uses sources so it can be used in your assignment. It should be formatted as a web page.
View the following map – before and after the “Scramble for Africa”

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