Please choose one article related to marketing and include the following categor

Please choose one article related to marketing and include the following categories in your
article review.
1. Full Reference
⮚ State the full reference for the article you are reviewing (authors, title, journal name,
volume, issue, year, page numbers, etc.)
NOTE: this is not the ‘Bibliography’ or ‘References’ listed at the end of the article,
rather the citation of the article itself!
2. Introduction: Objectives, Article Domain, and Conceptual/Empirical
⮚ State the objectives (goals or purpose) of the article. What is the article’s domain
(topic area)?
⮚ State whether the article is “conceptual” or “empirical”, and why you believe it is
conceptual or empirical.
3. General Critique
In this section you should state your opinions of how well (or poorly) the authors did their
research and presented the research results in the article. Your critique can contain both
positive and negative comments. Justify and explain in detail each of your critique points
⮚ Do the researchers clearly develop a major research question, proposition, or
hypothesis that is to be evaluated in the empirical study and discussed in this article?
⮚ Did they provide enough background information for the intended audience to
understand it?
⮚ Do the authors include an appropriate research design, sampling techniques, method
of data collections, and method of data analysis? Did they justify everything
⮚ Is the design of the research approach adequate to address the common threats to
validity and reliability? Are the measures used adequately described (i.e., what is
measured in the study and how)? Are data on the reliability and validity of these
measures reported?
⮚ ANALYSIS: Is the analysis of empirical data conducted properly? Do the data
conform to the requirements of any statistical tests used?
⮚ DISCUSSIONS AND CONCLUSIONS: In discussing the results of the empirical
study, do the authors remain true to the actual findings of the study? Are the claims
made in the conclusion of the article actually supported by the empirical data?

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