Please do not use the industry where you work unless you can find news articles

Please do not use the industry where you work unless you can find news articles with citations/sources about competitors using the IT Trends you discuss
The attached sheet has detailed help on how to find information using ONET, IBIS World and Gartner
News of IT Trends in My Industry: Industry Overview and Strategic IT Trends (Length: 2.5-3. pages: please don’t go over or under)
In this project, you must examine how IT is used in an industry that you are interested in. You must define the industry, describe key issues and current strategic IT trends. A secondary goal is for you to learn about and use sources like ONET, IBIS World and Gartner.
Trends you can pick from: Conversational Platforms/Systems, Blockchain, Immersive Experience (includes Virtual Reality VR, Augmented Reality AR, and Mixed Reality); Internet of Things (IoT); Autonomous Things/Intelligent Things; and Digital Twins.
Please do not use your own industry UNLESS you can: 1: find the IBISWorld report dealing with that industry, and — most importantly– 2) you can find news articles about competitors of the firm where you work employing the trend you choose to investigate–describing how your firm deals with strategic IT trends doesn’t count–the goal is to investigate competitors in an industry!!
• Introduction: Discuss what the report is about
• A small section on your Career and Industry: For your career–What kind of career are you interested in? (feel free to discuss your entry-level career and your career 10 years down the road!). Use ONET or a similar site (and be sure to cite it in your post and reference it at the end). As far as your industry, use the IBIS World pdf as a source here–you will need to upload the IBIS World pdf too): Include the following:
• Industry NAICS code (title and code): and source citation
• Industry Size (typically measured in billions of dollars) and source citation
• Industry Competitors (two to three sample firms) and source citation
• A larger section on the News of one (or two–no more) strategic IT Trend(s) (from the Gartner article attached) that impact(s) competitors in your industry the most: You need to have some IT content on the trend you choose to focus on so you can explain what the trend is. You also need to include at least two specific examples of that trend being used by specific competitor firms in your industry (you shouldn’t use your own firm as an example here because the focus is on your competitors and finding articles about what they are doing with strategic IT trends).
Hints: For this section, use GARTNER research available from WCU’s Library–which of Gartner’s top 10 strategic IT trends impacts your industry the most? For your industry, look up each strategic IT trend and note which ones produce the most/best results. Another strategy to try is to use other sources (Google) to identify trends in your industry and then use Gartner to learn more about one or two of the trends. Be specific in this section. Use Gartner as a source (and be sure to cite it in your post and reference it at the end) and include source citations.
• Conclusion: wrap up your report
Microsoft Word document, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font. Word Count excludes references at the end. Do not write your name, my name or the date on the first page. Just title your report at the top and start right in with your introduction.
In-Post Citations, References and Quotation Marks
You should have at least five cites (citations) WITHIN the paper AND five corresponding references at the end. One cite and reference needs to come from Gartner
For cites within your post, use APA style such as (White, 2010) or ( just after the info you got from that source AND also include references at the end of your report (please use APA style). Plagiarism includes leaving out in-paper cites, quotation marks or references at the end. End-of-Paper references do not count toward paper length
What to Upload:
1. Your Word Doc
2. Your IBIS World Report (pdf file)

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