PLEASE NOTE: The assignment requires the book “Notes from a Young Black Chef” re

PLEASE NOTE: The assignment requires the book “Notes from a Young Black Chef” read.
Please choose ONE of the following prompts: “Paying your dues” is a recurring topic in Notes from a Young Black Chef. In what ways was “paying your dues” necessary in the novel, and in what ways is it currently a tool to keep minorities (women, LGBTQ+, people of color, etc.) out of professional kitchens or other workplaces? Some ideas to consider: What does Onwauchi mean by paying your dues? How does paying dues hinder those who do not have privilege?
Using Notes from a Young Black Chef and outsides sources, explore professions where certain genders, races, and/or classes dominate that field and why this is so. Choose your own adventure! There are many themes and points of interest in this novel, so if you feel inspired by something that isn’t covered in the prompts, please discuss your idea with me, and we’ll see if what you come up with can turn into a successful essay ☺ Additional assignment: Onwauchi ends each chapter with a significant recipe that has shaped himself or his career. At the end of your essay, please include a recipe that is special to you. This can be a family recipe or just one you love. Please include the ingredients and instructions to make this recipe. This does not count towards your page count. Paper Requirements—
Your paper must:
-Be a minimum of 4 FULL pages
-Be written in 12 point, Times New Roman font, and Double-Spaced
-Follow MLA standards and formatting, displays 1-inch margins, and avoid all 1st and 2nd person
-Provide proper citations for in-text quotes and paraphrases
-Include quotes/paraphrases from Notes from a Young Black Chef and a minimum of 2
outside sources of your finding (minimum of 3 sources total maximum of 5 sources).
-Includes a Works Cited page

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