Please Read the instructions thoroughly For this Assignment, you will analyze a

Please Read the instructions thoroughly
For this Assignment, you will analyze a web-based source of health care information in the United States. The source must be aimed at the average consumer and NOT the professional RN or health care provider.
The consumer press includes magazines (Time, Newsweek, Good Housekeeping – anything the lay public may read) and local or national newspapers. The full length web version of a magazine or newspaper article can be used. (Suggestion: save this right away since free access to such articles may stop a few days after they appear.)
The online article must be published within the last year and accessible to the instructor at the time of grading.
Formatting Guidelines
Use APA formatting to cite the article at the beginning of the analysis. Be sure to include the working URL. (You do not need to use citations in the rest of the paper since it is clear it is drawn from the article.)
Summary: Summarize the article in 1-2 paragraphs. This should tell the reader what the article was about and the major points made in the article
Analysis: Analyze in 3-5 paragraphs the issue or event described in the article in relationship to the nursing profession, the health care system, or the health of individuals, families, or communities.
Relevance: Depending on the topic of the article, address its relationship to current or pending legislation, the relationships between health care institutions, barriers, or facilitators to access to care, ethical, cultural, or diversity issues in health care.
The analysis should reflect your thoughts about the topic and demonstrate that you have considered the site of the publication, where you gathered the material, that you evaluated what was said, and that you have made a decision as to how this information can and should be used.
Neither the analysis nor summary should contain ANY direct quotes

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