Please review the information and idea attached connected to a planning model ca

Please review the information and idea attached connected to a planning
model called Frankena model. I am also including a few short videos and
PowerPoint about the model so you can
understand it more, as the notes may need to be re-created and re-organized. I am including the recent paper with most of the material for the paper, but it needs to be worked through more. I am also including information – a link about the lien start up – it’s a short video and it will be helpful for a portion becase that needs to be included. —- Assignment This paper constitutes a major assignment. Select an issue/a problem to be addressed within professional context (affecting your church or ministry or business/non-profit). Frankena’s five boxes will serve as the outline for walking through the issue/problem towards a solution or improvement . The paper will yield an analysis and solution suggestions of the identified problem.
In addition to Frankena’s five boxes, student will add a Lean Startup box (Box F or Box 6) that will attempt to incorporate the build – measure – learn feedback loop as a means to sustain and improve the suggested solution.
The final Fankena/Ries paper will be 6-7 pages long plus one page. The paper must be written in APA-style (6-7 pages, double-spaced; do not include title page, abstract, and references in your page count). Be very concise in your writing. This paper is short. Use proper APA-headings to guide the reader.
Rubric Criteria
Understanding and Application of Frankena Model
Understanding and Application of Ries/Lean-Start-Up
Choice of problem to be analyzed within one’s professional and cultural context
Grammar, APA format, clarity of writing

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