Project 2: The Annotated Bibliography The Annotated Bibliography will have at le

Project 2: The Annotated Bibliography
The Annotated Bibliography will have at least 4 sources cited MLA works cited format. This means that you will have a correctly formatted citation for each of the 4 sources you have found in your research. Beneath each of the 4 citations, you need to write a short paragraph that briefly does the following:
Summarizes the source
Discusses where/how you found the source
Gives the reasons the source is credible/reputable
Explains how it will be relevant to your topic and useful in your paper.
Annotated Bibliography Entry Example:
This is one sample entry in an annotated bibliography:
“Depicting Disability in the Entertainment Industry.” Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2019. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints, &xid=3cc43fe9. Accessed 20 Nov. 2019. Originally published on 24 Mar. 2017.
This article focuses on the lack of disabled characters in film and TV shows, as well as the fact that the few disabled characters that do exist usually lack character development and are not major characters. The LAMC Library databases allowed me to access Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online, which included this source. The source includes evidence from credible and reliable sources. It was also published in an academic database and is up to date with it being written in 2018. The source provides an insight into the lack of representation of people with disabilities as well as the lack of dynamic disabled characters who are not also villains. This source will provide me with evidence to prove that people with disabilities are not accurately or frequently represented in the media.

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