Prompt: Using Christian Realism as a literary lens, offer a critical, theme, cha

Prompt: Using Christian Realism as a literary lens, offer a critical, theme, character, or symbolic analysis of two stories from Flannery O’Connor: “A Good Man is Hard to Find,” “Good Country People,” and Revelation.”
Your Audience: College Professors who have read the assigned stories.
Critical Approaches: Essay Criteria Using Christian Realism as a Literary Analysis
Multi-paragraph Essay, 800 words, following 10% College & University rule. Citations, titles and Class ID are not counted.
Secondary research is necessary if you are seeking a top grade of A. Essays that show no secondary research will not earn a grade higher than 80. You must incorporate at least two quotes from secondary.
Citations for primary quotes are not necessary
No blogs, No Sparknotes, No Cliff Notes, or crib sites
APA or MLA referencing
Essay must be formatted to college standards, double spaced, 1 inch margins top to bottom and right to left;
Essay must bear a significant title of no less than 6 words;
Strong thesis/theme statement that directly relates to an analysis based on a specific critical approach;
Body paragraphs that do not simply re-tell, but rather advance the stated theme, while discussing how it exemplifies the theme
Well-developed body paragraphs that provide expansion and discussion of key concepts of the statement and that follow succinct topic sentences.
Strong conclusive paragraphs that while relating to your theme also comes across as bold, philosophical, and that do not begin with trite expressions like “In conclusion.”

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