Prompt: Write a History Research Paper of at least 2,000 words within the confi

Prompt: Write a History Research Paper of at least 2,000 words within the confines of the course. This means within the proper timeframe of the course. Based on the class you are in the timeframes are the following:  History 017: People of the U.S. to 1877—that is early U.S. History from the colonial period to 1877 (1600 to 1877)
You will choose your own topic. Part of learning to write a general history research paper is finding a topic that is appropriate for the course you are in so pay attention to the dates above. This may feel intimidating. So, try to think first of a place and time period you are most interested in learning more about. If you are in History 004 for example, is it ancient Israel, or ancient Greece or Rome, or is it Medieval or Renaissance Europe you wish to research? If you are in History 005 are you more interested in the events of the 1600s, 1700s or something more modern? If you are in World which society or culture is most interesting to you? Then try to decide what kind of topic you are interested in. Do you like art or architecture or literature? Is a particular historical person interesting to you? That is how you will narrow down your topic. Research what is interesting to you. Once you think you have a topic feel free to email me, if you are not sure about it, and I am happy to discuss it with you.
Ensure your paper is argumentative. You should have a thesis and make an argument about your topic. Make sure to cite all the primary and secondary sources in Chicago Manual of Style formatted footnotes AND add a Bibliography in CMS format. Include a title page. Use Rampolla to assist you with this. Rampolla should be your History Paper Bible for this assignment. Checklist:
 Argumentative paper
 Introduction, Body, Conclusion;  Typed, double-spaced; 1’ borders; Times New Roman (or Times), 12 pt. font.  No slang, appropriate language, proper spelling, no anachronism, etc.
 College writing: no contractions; no “can’t” or don’t or “I think” or “my opinion is”; use past tense
 CMS Footnotes
 CMS Bibliography
 CMS Title page
 At least 2 primary sources and three secondary sources.  At least 2000 words
 Word count included on title page
You may NOT cite PowerPoints or the text! Remember that your paper will be graded for structure, content, interpretation, and the quality and accuracy of your prose.
To Receive a Grade of C or better:
 Your paper must contain at least 2000 words
 Your paper must cite both primary and secondary sources in CMS format.

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