Purpose of a poster is to disseminating your evidence to other colleagues. It i

Purpose of a poster is to disseminating your evidence to other colleagues. It is a picture representation of your work done on Paper #4.
Be creative and have FUN!
Create a poster using a single PowerPoint slide template of your choice.Title: This should be the title of the project along with the author’s name (you and your credentials) and identifying information.
PICO Question: What is the PICO question being answered by the project? Provide some background information about why this is important.
Review of the Literature: Outline the method for finding evidence. What key terms were identified in the literature search? How were articles chosen and critiqued? What criteria were used?
Synthesis of Research Findings: Make some comparisons across the evidence. What levels of evidence are present? What kinds of samples and designs were used by the researchers? Do the researchers measure the variables in the same manner? What were the overall findings in relationship to the PICO question?
Decision to Change Practice: What is the decision for practice based on the research in light of the PICO question?
Bridging the Gap: Describe what action needs to be taken to create evidence to answer the research question. For instance, does a study need to be developed or does an intervention need to be piloted.
Generating New Knowledge: Describe the manner in which the research question could be answered. If a study is indicated, then discuss the sample, design, data collection instruments, and procedure that would be used to gather data. You should use a single PowerPoint slide to place your presentation. Use a design with colors pleasing to you. this is how she is going to grade it below is the example
Components on a single PowerPoint slide:
Title, Author’s name and identifying credentials
PICO Question
Review of the Literature with Synthesis of Research Findings
Decision to Change Practice
Is there sufficient evidence for the practice change?

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