Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a review of the professio

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to conduct a review of the professional literature (peer-review journal articles) and describe efforts to teach and counsel children and adolescents about grief.
Instructions: HEA 636 students will write a report based on a review of at least 10 peer-review journal articles.
Include the following information in your report:
1) A summary of what you learned from this research
2) How can you use this information as a future health educator (or other type of service professional)?
3) How does what you learned from these articles relate to your own experience or other outside reading/research that you have done?
4) How does the information from these research studies relate to the information in the “Last Dance” book?
5) What questions or concerns do you have based on what you learned from these studies?
6) What were your own experiences with death education in school when you were growing up, what would you change and why?
7) What are your recommendations for improving death education and bereavement services for children and adolescents?
8) If you were instructed by the principal of your school to develop a working group on improving death education in your school, how would you go about forming this group, who would you include and why, what would be your main goals, how would you measure these goals?
9) Identify and describe one local and one national organization involved in promoting death education among children and teens and how you could involve them in your school program.
Remember the following (for both options):
HEA 636 students: Your paper should be 8-10 pages long (excluding cover page and bibliography). Please choose your words carefully and thoughtfully and consider each paper as an opportunity to improve your writing skills.
Please use Times New Roman, 12 pt font. Your paper should be double-spaced.
Use 1″ margins. No large gaps between paragraphs. Each paragraph should be joined to the next paragraph. Begin each paragraph by indenting it 0.3″.
Your paper needs to be written in a professional manner. That means you need to have a title for your paper on the first page followed by your name. Your paper should be formatted properly as instructed above. Make sure you number each page. Please make sure that you properly cite all your sources in your paper and provide a bibliography at the end. Make sure you follow the APA style. I do not want to see any quotes. You need to put everything in your own words and you need to cite all your sources. It is not acceptable to copy a sentence or paragraph and think it is okay as long as you cite the source. There are to be no quotes. Make sure you click on the ACADEMIC RESOURCES button on the left for information about writing papers as well as how to use the APA style. I have also attached a handout (“Professional Writing Style”) which is a summary of the APA style. You risk losing valuable points if you do not read and follow this handout.
Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a zero grade. Please click on the ACADEMIC RESOURCES button on the left for information and policies about plagiarism.
Please make sure you read the grading rubric that is attached before you submit your assignment. It is intended to help you identify which areas are good and which areas are weak before you submit it. You can see how well you have completed this assignment before you submit your work. I want you to get into the habit of assessing your own performance before you submit your work rather than waiting for someone else to give you a grade and feedback. When you finally get your grade and feedback, there should be no surprises.
Please make sure that you put your name on your paper.
Write your paper in a Microsoft Word file (no pdfs) and save your file as “(Your last name)ProfessionalPracticePaper”. For example: SmithProfessionalPracticePaper.

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