PURPOSE The purpose of this assignment is to identify health objectives from Hea

The purpose of this assignment is to identify health objectives from Healthy People 2020 that
will impact health outcomes through population-level health assessment and intervention. This
assignment will allow for a discovery into a selected practice problem, encompassing social
determinant risk factors, an evidence-based population health intervention, and relevant
measurable goals and objectives.
For this assignment, each group will:
• Provide a brief statement introducing the selected practice problem.
• Identify three social determinant risk factors for the selected practice problem.
• Based on the health risk/problem identified, describe the strategies/methods that you
will implement. Focus on primary and secondary prevention strategies. Refer to Healthy
People 2020 Topics and Objectives. You may access the website at:
• Describe a related Healthy People 2020 Goal and how it correlates with the selected
practice problem.
• Describe one evidence-based intervention to address the Healthy People 2020 goal.
• Define one measurable objective to address the Healthy People 2020 goal.
This is a GROUP assignment. Groups have been randomly assigned and the group assignments
have been posted in Moodle. Submissions will be made via Moodle link. Only one submission
per group.
GOAL : Improve Health, Productivity, wellbeing, quality of life and safety by helping people get enough sleep
Complete the paper according to APA 7th Edition Guidelines as a word-processed document.
Students are strongly encouraged to use the MRU Library & Learning Resource Center for
support in writing your paper. For more information please contact the library at
The paper is limited to a MAXIMUM of Ten (10) pages (including the title page and references
pages; NO Abstract is needed for this assignment). You must provide a minimum of 5
scholarly references. References may not be older than 5 years. Do not exceed the ten-page
limit as only ten pages will be read and graded. The paper must be double- spaced using Font
Size 12 (including the reference page).

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