Purpose The questions below ask you to address aspects of International Relation

The questions below ask you to address aspects of International Relations that you have studied in this unit. Unlike a quiz which tests your memory and understanding of what you have read, these questions ask you to apply critical thinking. Exploring these questions will help you address all the learning objectives of this unit.
Open up a Microsoft Word document.
Put your first and last name at the top of the document.
Below your name, put the course title and the semester.
Copy the questions — the order given — into the Word document and answer them.
Answer each question in approximately 100-125 words (totaling 500-625 for the assignment).
Each question is worth 4 points for a total of 20 points towards your final grade.
Cite your source(s) using APA Style. Please note that all assignments are automatically submitted to Turnitin to check for academic dishonesty, as noted in the syllabus. Upload the completed Word document into the D2L Assignment Dropbox. Questions:
How do international relations personally impact you, the United States, and the world, in general? Provide one example for each.
Distinguish between the four levels of analysis in international relations. How do these levels of analysis explain the causes of conflict in the world today?
Explain globalization and the perspective on this phenomenon you agree with the most (i.e., is globalization a good thing?) Why or why not?
What is one of the main collective goods problems facing our international system today? Based on what you have learned in Level 1, in what ways could you apply the principles of dominance, reciprocity, and identity to this problem? What are three key events/historical developments during the 20th century that have shaped international relations? Explain. (Discussion)
After reading about the key concepts in international relations , how would you describe or explain the development of the international system in the 20th century? Which current international issue interests you the most? (apa style)

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