Question: What do both videos have to do with symbolism in art? What are the con

Question: What do both videos have to do with symbolism in art? What are the connections or parallels between the painting being discussed and the symbols found in caves? Do you have any other thoughts that you want to share that stood out to you in either video?
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Discussion- Watch video – Iseult Gillespie; TED-Ed – Why is this painting so shocking? In 1937, in one of the worst civilian casualties of the Spanish Civil War, Fascist forces bombed the village of Guernica in Northern Spain. For Pablo Picasso, the tragedy sparked a frenzied period of work in which he produced a massive anti-war mural, titled “Guernica.” How can we make sense of this overwhelming image, and what makes it a masterpiece of anti-war art? Iseult Gillespie investigates. [Directed by Avi Ofer, narrated by Adrian Dannatt, music by Marcos Tawil]. (Links to an external site.)
Watch Video – Genevieve von Petzinger; Why are these 32 symbols found in ancient caves all over Europe? Written language, the hallmark of human civilization, didn’t just suddenly appear one day. Thousands of years before the first fully developed writing systems, our ancestors scrawled geometric signs across the walls of the caves they sheltered in. Paleoanthropologist, rock art researcher and TED Senior Fellow Genevieve von Petzinger have studied and codified these ancient markings in caves across Europe. The uniformity of her findings suggest that graphic communication, and the ability to preserve and transmit messages beyond a single moment in time, maybe much older than we think.

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