Read: Chapter 7 of the textbook (Kutz, M. (2016). Introduction to Electronic Com

Chapter 7 of the textbook (Kutz, M. (2016). Introduction to Electronic Commerce: Combining Business and Information Technology.
Chapters 6, 7, and 8 of the textbook (Watson, R.T., Berthon, P., Pitt, L. F. & Zinkham, G. M. (2020). Electronic Commerce: The Strategic Perspective. Global Text Project. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.)
Competition and Markets Authority. (2020, March 1). Digital markets: What are the implications for competition policy and practice? [Video]. YouTube.
Electronic Payments Coalition. (2018, March 1). Electronic payments 101: Transactions made easy [Video]. YouTube.
CBC News. (2019, April 1). Cryptocurrency explained [Video]. YouTube.
For the ESSAY:
Describe three ways e-commerce can provide services for its customers from the following list: (1) Provide evidence of service.
(2) Web making tangible, the intangible.
(3) Cyber sampling.
(4) Multiplying memories.
(5) Customization.
(6) Customers as part-time employees.
(7) Innovations as customer participation.
(8) Reducing customer errors.
For each service method identified, please research an example of a company that is providing the service method. A different company should be identified in each instance. Use at least 2 sources, other than the textbooks, to strengthen your arguments, points, etc. ***Note: Be sure to use in-text citation and provide references for your sources, including textbooks.

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