Reading chapter 7 and case ‘Omar Ishrak: Building Medtronic Globally’ then writi

Reading chapter 7 and case ‘Omar Ishrak: Building Medtronic Globally’ then writing a paper regarding this topic.
it should be a reflection on the totality of your learning during the reading and capture your most important takeaways from the reading. The best way to prepare your memo is to carefully read and review the material and answer the assignment questions, and then take a step back to write your memo based on your self-reflection on the most important points you have learned during the reading.
The paper must cover the following 5 questions.
1. What were the major factors that influenced Medtronic’s new global strategy?
2. How do you characterize Medtronic’s new global strategy, what role does innovation play?
3. Do you think that the new strategy has decreased or increased the risk for failure or/and the
chance for success? Do you think that this is even possible?
4. What do you think about the connection between leadership and the firm’s global strategy?
What are the influencing factors and what do make of Ishrak?
You do not need to write the questions. Link concepts from the text to your case analysis.
Questions are for a guide. The memo is not simply answering the questions.
You need to identify the decision points and then to analyze the exiting capacities of the firms and then to evaluate the pros and cons of the changes in the firm and to then make a recommendation based on the analysis.

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