Reply to 2 discussion posts — 1) Do you think you have rights as a human being?

Reply to 2 discussion posts —
1) Do you think you have rights as a human being? Why or why not? What is an example of such a right?
I do believe that we should have rights as human beings. It keeps societies together and prevents humanity’s darker side from becoming ordinary. With rights put into place, it helps protect us from exploitation, abuse, and gives us the opportunity to gather a defense when attending a tribunal. Exploitation comes in many forms. The one many are familiar with came in the form of slavery. The 4th Article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states, “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms” (Public health and social justice, 6). This is self-explanatory. Without this in place, there would certainly be tons of exploitative practices in several businesses. This also falls under the abuse category because this violates another Article, Article 3. Exploitative practices to an extreme degree violate liberty and the security of a person. If little to no payment is granted for the labor provided, it would greatly affect the employee’s standard of living. Their health will suffer over time and they will eventually deteriorate. The liberty violation comes with the removal of choice. In some cases, jobs aren’t as abundant, and despite the poor pay or working conditions, they don’t have a choice. Having Article 4 really helps prevent one of many violations from occurring. The final importance of having rights would be to protect ourselves from higher authority and our peers. The first part of Article 11 states, “Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense” (Public health and social justice, 7). Being granted a proper defense team gives you chance to properly fend off accusations. Without one, your chances of winning a case significantly go down. In combination with other Articles, it bolsters your protection in the court of law. Having human rights not only allows us to have more opportunities and access to services. This also helps with protection when attempting to pursue happiness.
2) Should all human beings everywhere on the planet have the same rights? Why or why not? What are some examples? 4) Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities —this includes the right to good health. What does this mean to you and why is this important?
I do believe that all humans have human rights. Why? Because we are all human despite our differences — genes, skin colour, environment, etc — we are all made the same way and are developed almost in the same way. All of us are categorised as human because we require the same things to survive: Food, Water, Oxygen, and many more! But sadly, these rights cannot transfer easily to everywhere we go. There are humans who believe that not everyone deserves human rights, and because of this the universal law of human rights is not exactly respected as it should be. Many believe that this issue occurs outside of the U.S, but in actuality this type of negligence against human rights is also performed here in our nation as well. Where it be the case where people are prejudice of others or some individuals cause physical harm onto some; human rights rules are not practiced as it should be. Unfortunately, not every individual have the same ideals as the read references states. For example, some people are rather racist. Racism can be dated back hundred of years, and those who were racist revoked basic rights to humans whom they’ve deemed as “less” than; those who were perceived as ‘non-human’ were not allowed to live in certain areas without being targeted. Another example can be of when a certain group is tortured for being different — Being forced to starve for days on end, sleep deprived, and beaten.

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