Reports are scanned. MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT: As New Yorkers, you will relate to se

Reports are scanned. MIDTERM ASSIGNMENT:
As New Yorkers, you will relate to several of the failed terror attempts and investigations that have led to the interruption of several serious attempted attacks in and
around New York City. Often, students are not aware of some of the attempted attacks until they read the article I provided in this class. The investigations and interruptions of these attacks were successful because of tools given to law enforcement under the provisions of the Patriot Act. 1. Please review the NYC Terror Plots Paper that I have included with this assignment. 2. Write a 7 page paper explaining how provisions of the Patriot act may have averted one of
the attempted attacks in NYC. Describe and explain the details of Patriot Act and what provision of the Patriot Act may have been used by law enforcement to prevent the attack. Please use open sources and cite them. T
A good format to follow:
1. Define and explain the Patriot Act. Include the provisions. 2.
Explain and go into a bit of detail about the NYC case you chose. ( you
can use what I sent you and open source info on the case).
Link the two topics and explain what provisions of the Patriot Act may have helped law enforcement prevent the NYC attack you chose from the article. 4. Wrap it up with this: Do you agree with giving law enforcement such broad powers to keep citizens safe or do you feel that the powers given have allowed basic freedom to be taken from citizens therefore diminishing our overall freedoms and quality of life? Give me your opinion on the subject and if you agree or do not agree with the formation of the Patriot Act AND WHY? …I have heard excellent arguments on both sides of this topic so give your honest opinion.

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