Required video: Google is a growing compa

Required video:
Google is a growing company that has emerged as a market leader in “information” access, distribution, and online advertising services. Have you ever wondered how Google can afford to build, staff, and operate Best of Breed data centers that enable instant access to a world of information, with an “intuitive” capability that adapts to the search interests of a user? Here is your opportunity to find out.
Additional research should be conducted to thoroughly address the following discussion topics.
Create and post an initial thread that addresses the following questions or issues:
When conducting a Google search, why do some search results appear before others? Describe in detail the processes that Google uses to prioritize the positioning of search results?
Describe Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) and AdSense services and how each may benefit a company’s online advertising effort with Google.
Explain why there is increasing concern about potential eavesdropping practices by Google and other companies via Internet-enabled “smart home” devices (e.g.: televisions, assistants, and Wi-Fi networks)? What preventative measures may be taken by consumers to mitigate “always listening,” hacking, eavesdropping and other surreptitious information gathering conducted by unwanted intruders?

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