Research Topic: The global business topic I have chosen to research is “the role

Research Topic: The global business topic I have chosen to research is “the role modern technology has on enhancing international business.” I went with this topic because technology is always advancing / changing, and I would like to know more on how it affects businesses globally. Suggestion from Professor: Concentrate on specific business areas and technologies. (I.e. Global marketing and technology; global finance and technology, etc.)
Research a current issue in the field of global business. Summarize your findings in a fifteen-page (minimum) report. The paper must be professionally prepared using 12 pt font and include a title page and a reference page using the APA style format. You should select a minimum of twelve sources for your report. Sources may come from peer-reviewed magazines, books, and on-line resources (sources such as Wikipedia will not be accepted). Resources available in the South College Library include periodicals, electronic books, and electronic databases. We strongly encourage you to use EBSCO Business Database and South College Library Business Resources on the Web. All your references should be discussed with the instructor prior to the submission of your paper. We recommend you e-mail a draft of your paper to your instructor, so you will have time to make all the corrections before your final presentation. This report will be due week ten of the course. Late projects will not be accepted.

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