reserarch paper on Lack of dislipine Case study:Group D: Lack of Discipline Jac

reserarch paper on Lack of dislipine Case study:Group D: Lack of Discipline
Jackson is a 31 yr old black male with two children. They reside in Corpus Christi, TX. Jackson works as a welder for the city of Corpus Christy and, has been employed with the city for 7 yrs. Jackson recently acquired custody of his two children due to the mother of the children signing over her rights due to ongoing mental health issues. The couple have been separated for 9mths. Jackson’s youngest child is 2 years of age and is a girl named Lexington. Jackson’s oldest child is a boy named Scott 14yrs of age currently in the 9th grade and is struggling with the recent changes in the family dynamic.
Scott has begun to act out and is failing school and recently took the maternal grandmother’s car for a joyride and was cited by local law enforcement. Jackson has little to no support and fears he is losing control of the oldest child. Jackson has tried disciplining Scott, however, never follows through with the punishment. Scott blames Jackson and the mother for the family breaking up. Jackson and Scott appeared for the joyriding citation and have been ordered to complete family counseling and Scott must complete 100 hrs of community service, along with successfully complete and academic plan for the next two school years. Using structral family therapy model Headers
what are the advantages and disadvantages of structural family therapy liteature review
Recommendation for treatment

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