Review chapter 9 (quantitative research) and chapter 10 (qualitative research).

Review chapter 9 (quantitative research) and chapter 10 (qualitative research). Answer Chapter 9, 10 questions on Discussion Board
Chapter 9 1. Identify a couple of articles from research-oriented journals published within the past 5 years that describe experimental and quasi-experimental designs.
a. Describe the type of research design used in each article. Did it follow the definition of an experimental design, quasi-experimental design, or both, as defined by this chapter?
Describe the characteristics that make each study an experiment or quasi-experiment.
b. In studies describing an experimental design, what two or three groups were being compared? Was there an equivalence between or among the groups?
Chapter 10
1. Identify a couple of articles, published within the last 5 years from these research-oriented journals that describe an ethnographic study: Applied Nursing Research, Nursing Research, Research in Nursing and Health, and Western Journal of Nursing Research.
a. Did the article follow the definition of ethnographic research as defined by this chapter? Why or why not?
b. Describe how the researcher was immersed in the subject’s way of life.
2. Identify an area of study that would be suitable for the ethnographic approach. Discuss the following:
a. The purpose of study
b. The setting for data collection
c. The timeline associated with data collection
d. How the researcher might function to obtain data

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