Review the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Website & Calls to Action doc

Review the Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Website & Calls to Action document to refresh your knowledge of the TRC and its Calls to Action (CTA).
Government of Canada – Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada
National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation
Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action Document
Select one of the Calls to Action related to Health (CTA#’s 18-24) and write a 2-page (double spaced) reflection. Your reflection should address the following:
Explore the meaning and intent of the Call to Action (why is it important)
How will your commitment to this Call to Action impact your nursing practice?
How will achieving this call to action impact Indigenous Health?
You must use 3 evidenced based scholarly peer reviewed journals, textbooks & evidenced informed websites. These resources should be cited in your text and listed in APA format in your reference page.
The call to actions I have selected for the writing:
24. We call upon medical and nursing schools in Canada
to require all students to take a course dealing with
Aboriginal health issues, including the history and
legacy of residential schools, the United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Treaties
and Aboriginal rights, and Indigenous teachings and
practices. This will require skills-based training in
intercultural competency, conflict resolution, human
rights, and anti-racism

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