Sociological Imagination Paragraph Remember that Mills argues that what we think

Sociological Imagination Paragraph
Remember that Mills argues that what we think of as personal
troubles can actually be social issues. The difference between
the two is that a personal trouble affects only one individual and
has little to do with the structure of a society. A personal trouble
requires changes in the individual, not the society. A social issue
is a problem that affects many people and is embedded in the
structures of society. This means that there is little that any one
individual can do to address the issue. Instead, we need
structural change change in the structure of our society-
address that social issue.
This paper is only three paragraphs long. While it is short, I
expect college level thinking and writing. This means that there
should be no or very few grammatical errors and the paper
should be written in standard, formal English. It should be
written in the first person, meaning that you can use “T’ and
“me.” It should show me that you have a good grasp of Mills
ideas about personal troubles and social issues. Be sure to cite
Mills in the body of your paper (Mills, 1959, p.
you use his ideas.
In the first paragraph, describe a personal trouble. Ideally, this
should be a real trouble that you have personally experienced. If
you are uncomfortable with sharing the trouble, please choose a
different one or, if necessary, make one up.
In the second paragraph, explain how the trouble in the first
paragraph is really a social issue. Be sure to use C. Wright Mills’
understanding of troubles and issues. If you choose an issue that
Mills discusses in the third part of his chapter, please refer to it
and use some of his ideas and some of your own.
In the third paragraph, come up with a structural solution to the
trouble/issue. Remember that a structural solution is not
something that is up to an individual to change but requires a
society to change. Here, you can be as creative as you want.
What changes do we need to make to our society to resolve this
issue? Again, if you are using one of Mills’ examples, you will want to include his thinking and your own.

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