SOUTH KOREA 3-6 pages does not have to be all 6 pages (i did part 1 the power p

3-6 pages does not have to be all 6 pages (i did part 1 the power point i just need the phase 2) ill attach the powerpoint so you can use it as needed for part 2
People, Places, and Things in the Era of Globalization – Overview
For this project you will ultimately turn in two (2) assignments which will count for major grades in the course. The following lists the phases of the project and the activities within each phase.
Use academic/scholarly sources to research the specific cultural, economic, political, physical, and human geography of your specific country (south Korea) in the modern global era. Examine both the historic realities of the country and the modern realities of the country. Pay particular attention to the processes of globalization across time and the impact it has had on both the country and the people. At the same time, be sure to examine the region in which the country exists (i.e. South Asia) to analyze how your country of study is both similar and dissimilar to the others in the region! The single best place to find high quality academic/scholarly sources will be the library databases; with that said, you can also use the web to locate source material, particularly very contemporary issues (i.e. recent trade deals, military engagements, or COVID-19), just be sure to verify the source’s legitimacy, authenticity, and trustworthiness! In other words, stick with major sites rather than blogs/vlogs or social media.
People, Places, and Things in the Era of Globalization – Written Analysis (Geographic Project – Part 2)
In this phase, you will craft a 3–6-page written analysis about the specific country of your choosing! You can think of your written paper as a script for your presentation created in Phase 2, as if you were going to present what you had learned at a conference. Your analysis should be written in two (2) sections, following the guidelines and format provided below:
Section 1 – This section of your paper is purely descriptive and should be roughly 2 pages, slightly over is fine…but no more than 3 pages! Your writing should describe for the reader the country you have chosen by providing general data about the county’s physical, political, economic, cultural, and human geography. You should provide the reader with an accurate description of the country and its region with both brevity and detail, so be sure to think about what you are writing to ensure it is succinct and to the point. In this section you must use the textbook chapter(s) that cover your country/region, the CIA World Factbook, and at least one other source of your choosing.
Section 2 – This section of your paper should be analytical in nature and roughly 2 pages in length. Again, slightly over is fine…but no more than 3 pages! Your writing in this section should analyze globalization and its impact(s) on your chosen country and the surrounding region. Be sure to address the historical context of globalization in the country/region. For the reader, identify the cultural, political, economic, and/or environmental consequences of globalization analyzing the positive and negative outcomes. Once you have provided a macro view of globalization on the country/region, focus in on one specific issue you find important and provide the reader with an analysis of that issue giving evidence from sources presenting each side of the issue. To conclude, give the reader your view on the issue at hand and globalization in general as it pertains to the country of your choosing, the world, and the future. In this section you must use at least two sources not used in Section 1, but you can still use the textbook and the CIA World Factbook as well.
Format – The following guidelines are required for your writing:
Essays should be doubled-spaced, size 12 font, with one-inch margins all around.
Essays must be a minimum of 3 pages and should be a maximum of 6 pages – not including the works cited.
The required heading is your name, class information, and date in the top left-hand corner of the first page.
A title for the document should be centered on the first page immediately before your writing begins.
Writing must be formal and academic in nature, using proper grammar and syntax.
All in-text references to sources must be cited parenthetically at the end of the sentence as follows:
Article/book. (Author Last Name, pg.); Website. ( (i.e., – not the URL); Video. (Title)
You must use a minimum of 5 different sources in your paper.
MLA format work cited page

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