ssessment 1 Part B Week Due Week 6, Sunday at 11.55pm (AEST/AEDT)* Assessment Ty

ssessment 1 Part B
Week Due
6, Sunday at 11.55pm (AEST/AEDT)*
Assessment Type
Analysis: Fact or Opinion?
Think critically, analyse, interpret, process and
communicate information
Comprehend that constructions of ‘normality’ are
culturally, socially and historically situated, and how their own cultural
lens may impact on their personal and professional interactions with others
words (excluding references)
*Australian Eastern
Standard Time (AEST)/Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (AEDT).
Check your time zone to ensure that you submit your assessment on time. If
required, use a time zone converter.
Assessment 1 Part B Details and Instructions
purpose of this task is for students to critically analyse a media article. This
analysis uses the same article from assessment 1a, building upon the material
in the student’s scaffold. This task requires students to demonstrate their
understanding of the content of the article and the discourses (what is
discourse?) within this, analysing these with references to Unit content materials
and academic readings.
complete this task students are expected to incorporate relevant course content
and wider authoritative sources from the ACAP library:
1. Students
will use the same media article from assessment 1a.
2. Analyse
the facts and opinions within the article, considering the background, career,
education, or any other relevant aspects of the author/s origins and potential
motivations behind them. Elaborate on
the research and writing from the students submitted scaffold in assessment 1a,
paying attention to the feedback from the tutor.
3. Write
an analysis of the potential impact on readers of the article, thinking about
the demographic the media is targeted at, and the impact of how the article may
be perceived by its readers.
4. Support
the writing with at least six relevant academic references (this means
academic articles in addition to any media articles).

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