STEP ONE: Review the attached Sacramento Police Department Crowd & Riot Control

STEP ONE: Review the attached Sacramento Police Department Crowd & Riot Control Manual. (Attached below)
STEP TWO: Then write a written response (no less than 1000 or more than 2000 words) to the prompts below:
(In order to receive a passing score you MUST answer ALL of the following.)
You are not allowed to use outside sources and must answer the prompts using ONLY the provided manual.
1. Identify the general purposes of the policies and discuss their quality regarding clarity and comprehensiveness.
Are they clear?
Are all of them articulated?
Are they contradicted throughout the manual?
i.e. Is safety and protection the stated purpose, but law enforcement seems to be the major purpose?
And so on?
2. Discuss the overall definition elements of the manual.
Identify five circumstances where ambiguity might lead to policy failures.
Will the reader know what everything is referring to?
3. Discuss 5 areas in chapter 1 (A,B,C,D,E, F, or G) with directives where ambiguity may be an issue.
Is the type of directive (mandate, authorization, guideline, procedure, regulation) not appropriate?
Or does the directive not rationally support the purposes of the policy?
4. Describe overall whether the policy manual can be improved for the purposes of increasing control, protection, and justice.
For example: Some authorizations allow for too much discretion for officers within stressful situations.
Mandates and procedures limit situations needing discretion.
Guidelines are insufficient and make appropriate decisions difficult.
Is more direction needed?

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