Students are expected to submit a research paper with a minimum of 800 words, no

Students are expected to submit a research paper with a minimum of 800 words, not including the abstract or the list of composer’s compositions. Students will achieve a satisfactory grade based on content, competence in English composition, grammar, and spelling, as well as proper style and formatting in Chicago style.
Please see the topic choosen below:
Select a composer of “Art Music,” found in our textbook from the Medieval to 20th-century.
Include the composer’s background, their upbringing, music background; a complete list of their compositions (may copy/paste from a website and include after the bibliography); the importance of some of their more important compositions; and background on the historic time periods of the composer’s life.
Paper Submissions must be done electronically through Canvas. Acceptable file formats include .doc, .docx, and .pdf.
All essays must begin with an abstract. An abstract is a paragraph that summarizes the topic, goals, methodology, and conclusions of the paper. The abstract must be on a separate page and clearly labeled as an ‘abstract’.
All sources must be cited properly. Source citations must be formatted in Chicago style. Chicago style requires two parts: the bibliography and footnotes. The bibliography must list all of your sources in alphabetical order in a separate page at the end of the essay. The footnotes must be used in-text to tell the reader where your information came from. A link with Chicago style templates appears at the bottom of this page.

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