Summary Generate five potential exam items related to course content as an oppor

Generate five potential exam items related to course content as an opportunity for review and practice related to attribution theory.
Learning activities provide a low-stakes opportunity for students to engage deeply in the learning content.
For this learning activity you will generate potential exam items.
For this learning activity you will generate FIVE potential exam items. Three items should be about each of the theories we learned about in Modules 1, 2, and 3 (i.e., one for extrinisc/intrinsic motivation, one for SDT theory, and one for goal orientation theory) with the last two items based on attribution theory. You must provide the answer key or expected response and demonstrate your understanding of the content through the questions and answers. Be sure to address multiple key concepts from the lesson and course in multiple ways (e.g., do not write three similar questions). Items can be in any format, (e.g., multiple choice, short answer, true/false, matching, essay), but you must use at least three different formats across the five items.
Remember that the learning activities are designed to get you to think about the course content deeply and meaningfully while ALSO serving as an opportunity for your instructor to gauge your learning and provide you feedback. For this activity, that means you should produce items that sufficiently highlight your understanding.
Q: In the middle of their lesson on algebraic functions, Sierra asks Ms. B, “Is this going to be on the test?” Does Sierra’s question suggest she holds more of a mastery or performance goal orientation? Why?
A: Performance; her statement implies that she is only interested in learning the information if it will be on the test. If she had a mastery orientation, the fact that it is on the test or not is irrelevant, for the most part.
Note: This activity is one way to engage in retrieval practice
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a highly effective study technique. Consider using this strategy throughout the course and/or in other classes you are taking.
Note: In order to make this activity even more meaningful, we may draw from, and include, a sample of items students develop to use as practice items and/or on the summative assessment.

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