Supporting LGBTQ+ Students

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students (this has some great resources) This assignment has three parts. 1.) Create an annotated bibliography of 20 resources (books or articles). For these resources, you must create a new abstract for at least 10 of the resources in addition to including APA formatted citations for all 20 resources. 2.) Develop an outline of your literature review following the structure provided in apa format sample, and explain which resources would address the various components of the literature review. 3.) Identify an organization that you think does the social justice work that you might connect with for your final social justice project. Name it, and give a brief description of its mission statement. (see mission below) At GGE, we use policy advocacy and organizing to ensure that young people, especially cisgender and transgender girls and non-binary youth of color, can live self-determined lives. We center Black girls and we build intergenerational alliances. Together, we are creating the schools, communities, and world that we want to live in.
Combining policy advocacy and community organizing allows us to reshape the power structures so that decisions are a better reflection of the values and demands of young people, especially youth of color.
GGE understands that gender-based violence is connected to racism, misogyny, trans-antagonism, ableism, adultism, and classism, and it is also connected to state violence.

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