TEACHERS INSTRUCTIONS Select one of the following short stories, and analyze it

Select one of the following short stories, and analyze it using the Reader Response lens in a 3 paragraph minimum response. Use the questions to guide your thinking, remembering to consider how you PERSONALLY are responding to the text and why. Try to focus on what you think is the main issue or dilemma in the story. Please submit your response attached as its own doc. Rubric and story links available on the doc below. MLA Style title page, works cited, in-text citations please.
Each of the stories will have a dilemma/choice to grapple with. Write a 3 paragraph (minimum) reflection on your chosen story using the following Reader Response questions to guide your analysis:
How do you respond to the work? What do you think and feel about the text and its ideas? What in my background, values, needs, and interests makes me react that way?
Did I have prior knowledge of or expectations about the text or about literature in general?
What specific passages in this work trigger my reaction? What does my response to this work tell me about myself? About my style of reading? About my values?
What information does the author or poet leave out? What’s happening behind the words or scenes? How do I fill them in? What is the work’s original or intended audience? To what extent are you similar or different from that audience?
How much knowledge do you have about the historical time period of the text? How does that knowledge or lack of it, help you interpret the text and find meaning?
story “The Knowers” by Helen Philips https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r1hWfaXDrX8Y2Hud_0iF1jKPXpGWc6o5LQMC_OR2a7k/edit?usp=sharing

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