Teaching Examples Critique Assignment Instructions Overview As you know, the m

Teaching Examples Critique Assignment Instructions
As you know, the major assignment in class is a proposed teaching demonstration. All assignments this term help to prepare you for that major assignment. That is true for your assignment for this week, as well, since you have the opportunity to view several teaching demonstrations and critique them, based on the concepts you are learning in class.
For this exercise, please choose TWO (I WILL SEND THE TWO VIDEOS. 30 MIN EACH) of the teaching demonstrations from the options provided in class and watch the videos carefully, taking notes as you do. Please review the assignments instructions and the grading rubric as you view and take notes to make sure you pay attention to the critical elements. Make sure you have also reviewed the class readings and videos up this week since you will draw from those concepts in your critique.
In your critique, include the following:
1. Identify the teaching strategies employed in the lessons—based on the active teaching strategies to which you have been introduced in the class texts.
2. Determine what “graduate level” elements were evident in the teaching—based on the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy or Anderson and Krathwohl’s revision of Bloom.
3. Discuss elements of adult learning theory evident in the demonstrations.
4. Comment on the appropriateness and clarity of the LO’s. Did the LO’s focus on the lower or the upper levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy? How could you have stated the LO’s more strongly?
5. Analyze whether the teaching strategies were appropriate for the lesson topic and the LO’s based on class sources. Were the strategies effective? What better strategies could you choose to fulfill the LO’s?
6. How would you have changed the presentation to improve the lesson? What were the strengths and weaknesses?
7. What did you learn from watching these videos that you might incorporate into your own proposed teaching demonstration?
As you present a thorough critique of the two lessons, make sure to integrate concepts from the class sources that you used in your critique. Make sure to cite correctly per APA. Draw broadly from the class sources, rather than just share your opinion. In terms of formatting and structure, please use a title page per APA. Format your paper using APA headings to correspond with the major requirements (above) of this project. Moreover, writing and citations need to be clear and correct and commensurate with doctoral level work.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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