The aim of the task is to engage in critical and analytical thinking; participat

The aim of the task is to engage in critical and analytical thinking; participate in problem-based learning via case studies; apply theory to problem solving; strengthen group and teamwork; and practice effective communication through presentation. I will do only part is that problem the Korean leader may met and provide some idea and solutions. please do not focus on the employees, because that is my groupmate’s part.
Prepare a 5 minute (600 words) powerpoint slideshow on significant cross-cultural management issues in your case study in your allotted week. please read the case and lecture PPT. you may start with the culture difference. like working style in Korea (must working hard) and then linking the PPT like leadership patterns or some theories to explain the issues. And finally give Recommendations and actions and improvement. don’t need to describe the whole issues. just describe what the manager want and how to improve. use simple grammar. no format needed, no external source needed. just use PPT resource.
presentation should include:
major issues reflected in the case study; just clarify the problem Korean manager of Samsung met when managing the Mexico factory.
Critical analysis of the issues,must incorporating and directly linking theories from lectures, tutorials, and readings;
Key organizational and managerial decisions to be made and possible solutions to problems identified;
Recommendations and actions and improvement.

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