The assignment is divided into two main sections (please answer in two separate

The assignment is divided into two main sections (please answer in two separate documents)
Assignment 4-1 : Analyzing Experimental research
Assignment 4-2 : Research Design & Analysis
The average document is 400 words. Can be trimmed. 800 words in total
References must be academic and less than 10 years
1.Assignment 4-1 : Analyzing Experimental research —— see “Articles” doc
Read the assigned article by Shaipah Abdul Wahab, Ayoib Che Ahmad and Noraza Mat Udin (2004). Prepare a report similar to the lecture on “How To Read and Analyse a Research Article” that addresses the following questions:
1. What is the primary purpose of the study?
2. Why is that question important?
3. What are the criticisms of the experimental method?
4. Outline the research design and plan of analysis to address both the validity and reliability issues.
6. What is the primary result? Do you agree with the conclusion? Why or why not?
7. How generalizable do you think the results are? Give your opinion about the state of experimental research in the field of business in your own country.
2.Assignment 4-2 : Research Design & Analysis(Answer according to the previous proposal)-Must see “research plan” and “Problem Statement” doc
Refer to assignments before. Based on your answers earlier, address the following questions:
1. What is likely the research approach for your proposed thesis? Is it going to be quantitative or qualitative approach? (if quantitative approach answer question 2 and 3; if qualitative approach answer question 4) – use quantitative approach
2. If it is quantitative approach, is it going to be (i) experimental design, (ii) archival / secondary data study, or (iii) survey design?
3. What is the likely econometric or statistical tool that you are likely to employ?
4. If it is qualitative approach, is it going to be Ethnography, Narrative, Phenomenological, Grounded Theory, or Case Study?

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