the essay is about the novel indian horse and the essay prompt is ″After reading

the essay is about the novel indian horse and the essay prompt is ″After reading your novel, how have your understandings or perceptions shifted regarding Indigenous people′s experiences, history, and/or culture? Use examples from your novel to support your ideas″ the essay is an expositpry essay and HAS to use words, sentences and most importantly, quotes from the novel, inidian horse. In this essay, you may of course use “I” & “my” statements. Just be sure to vary your sentence starters so every sentence does not start with “I” Your essay should be approximately 750 words long. Remember that your essay must refer directly to the piece of literature being discussed and should include quotations to support your points of discussion. this is what my teacher said to get a strong A Essay content is thoughtful, imaginative and engaging; alternatively, content shows evidence of insight in terms of presentation of information or quality of analysis. The topic is appropriately limited, and supporting arguments, evidence and desсrіptions strongly support the thesis statement or topic sentence. The writing clearly demonstrates understanding of the purpose of the literary essay; discussion is limited to analysis of the text.Language – Vocabulary is sophisticated; language is varied and lively. Rhetorical and language devices are used effectively to engage the reader and enhance meaning.Mechanics – Spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct and appropriate; usage is sophisticated. Structure is thoughtfully crafted to achieve a desired effect. The writing is virtually error free.Style – Use of transitions is effective and enhances the flow of the writing. Style is manipulated effectively to suit the purpose of and enhance meaning in each paragraph and the essay as a whole.
i think in general talking about indigenous people and how they are mistreated, and also how they are racist.

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