The formal environmental proposal assignment will require you to write an intern

The formal environmental proposal assignment will require you to write an internal (in-house) or external proposal. The topic of your proposal must be environmentally related. You have $5,000 and the project must take place on the SJSU campus.
Need to research the topic and present a persuasive proposal on sustainbility in campus.
8 full pages per person
Citations for at least 2 outside references per person including two or more sources obtained from library research through electronic databases
One visual is required per person (chart, table, picture), with proper documentation
Format :
Title – Desert Landscaping and sustainbility in campus
Table of Contents
Abstract – Briefly summarize the main points presented in the proposal (what is being proposed, why it should be done, how much it will cost, and how long it will take).
Purpose – State clearly in one or two sentences what you are proposing to do. Describe environmental technologies, options, and suggest feasible solutions.
Introduction – Describe the problem and your solution or describe the opportunity and why your company should take advantage of it. Present relevant background information, sources of information, and scope of proposal. Describe advantages/disadvantages. Convince the reader that this proposal should be implemented.
Proposed Procedure – Describe the steps you would take to implement the proposal. (If it were approved, how would you do it?)
Task Schedule – Give the timeline for implementation of the proposal. Use a Gantt chart or a milestone chart. The steps included in the chart should follow the steps outlined in the proposed procedure section.
Credentials – Give your qualifications to make these recommendations, to implement this proposal.
Budget – Give a cost breakdown and the total cost for implementing the proposal. You should consider all relevant costs such as salaries, materials, equipment, initial costs, on-going costs. For some proposals, a cost/benefit analysis may be appropriate.
Conclusion – Provide a brief conclusion summarizing main points and looking toward next steps in proposal process.
References – List references cited in the proposal. Use correct documentation format for the citations in the paper and for the reference list.

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